Road Trip

I’ve taken a LOT of road trips in my time, but in 2015 I made the most epic trip I’ve taken to date: a 7-week solo road trip through the United States and Canada. I drove more than 8,000 miles!

To find out how I was able to afford this trip, you can check out my blog post, How I Took a 7-Week Road Trip for Less Than $2,000.

I made a video about my travels in 2015, which also includes trips to Seattle, Minnesota, and Vancouver earlier in the year before my official trip. I hope you enjoy watching it! See below for a list of all the cities I stayed in!



Stops Along the Epic Road Trip:


  1. Origin: Portland, Oregon
  2. Missoula, Montana – Couchsurfed for the 3rd time with one of my fav hosts!
  3. Rapid City, South Dakota – Hung out with my son and visited the Badlands
  4. Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Couchsurfed with an attorney and his girlfriend
  5. Madison, Wisconsin – Couchsurfed with Suzann, who I hosted in 2013
  6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Couchsurfed with a really nice teacher & her boyfriend
  7. Chicago, Illinois – Went to a CS meetup, hung out with a friend I met in Portland
  8. St. Louis, Missouri – Stayed with my cousin, went to the top of the Gateway Arch
  9. Indianapolis, Indiana – Stayed with some family friends, toured downtown Indy
  10. Detroit, Michigan – Couchsurfed, rode a motorcycle for the first time!!
  11. Toronto, Ontario – Couchsurfed with a small aircraft pilot/Burningman enthusiast
  12. Ottawa, Ontario – Couchsurfed with a really nice couple, toured Parliament!
  13. Montreal, Quebec – Couchsurfed with Jade & her snuggly pets, ate crepes!
  14. Quebec City, Quebec – Couchsurfed and took a ferry to Vieux Quebec!
  15. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – Had an amazing CS host! Saw Anne of Green Gables!
  16. Halifax, Nova Scotia – CS host used to work with a traveling circus! Took a ghost tour.
  17. St. John, New Brunswick – Couchsurfed with a big family and met another couchsurfer there
  18. Portland, Maine – Stayed with an amazing CS host and had dinner in a former cathedral!
  19. Montpelier, Vermont – My couchsurfing host made me breakfast with VT maple syrup! Yum!
  20. Lowell, Mass. – Couchsurfed with some cool artists and toured the town of Concord.
  21. Boston, Mass. – Couchsurfed in a vegetarian co-op and cooked a huge meal!
  22. Providence, Rhode Island – Couchsurfed with an old hippie dude who taught me Tai Chi
  23. Hartford, Connecticut – Stayed with a friend who I met when I hosted her in 2013
  24. Dover, Delaware – Couchsurfed with a super nice girl and toured the town!
  25. Washington, DC – My CS made me super yummy raw vegan food & I toured the capital city!
  26. Raleigh, NC – Stayed with family members while doing genealogical research downtown
  27. Pompano Beach, Florida – Final destination!! Stayed with family while preparing for South America (and sold my trusty Xterra!).