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Dakota Gypsy is a travel & lifestyle blog - www.dakotagypsy.net

Welcome to Dakota Gypsy travel blog! My name is Maggie Abernathy and I’m (kind of) from South Dakota. I’ve been living in South Korea since August 2016.

I created this blog to share the world with you! I’m fascinated by history and literature, so many of my posts feature destinations that will enrich our understanding of the world. I also love the outdoors, so there’s a bit of adventure travel thrown in, too.

Laguna 69 in Peru is incredibly beautiful!
Hey, that’s me!

Here are some facts about me:

  • I’m 31 years old.
  • I am learning Spanish and Korean.
  • I like to read. A lot. Find me on Goodreads here!
  • I am a huuuuuge Doctor Who fan. How can you not love someone who has a machine that can go anywhere in time and space??
  • I am not allowed to donate blood in the US because I lived in England. However I am pretty sure (or hoping, anyway) that I do not have mad cow disease.
  • I eat vegan as much as possible, but sometimes will eat vegetarian food. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be hummus.
  • I LOVE to play games. I will play a board game, card game, or party game: any time, any place.
  • I am a little bit obsessed with couchsurfing. 😀 I love meeting couchsurfing friends!!


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